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Concert Touring


Displays built to withstand the elements

Our best-in-class concert touring LED tiles are built to withstand all of the elements. We pride ourselves in providing a fully  vertically-integrated production pipeline - from manufacturing LED panels to volume install and operation. We are solution-oriented and constantly developing our products and services to best meet the needs of the touring industry.

Whether you're looking for a small scale, indoor display, a large-scale multi-faceted display, or a fully-immersive visual experience, we can provide you with the tools to bring your vision to life.

Designed with your tour in mind

Voyager LED Tile for concert touring, indoor and outdoor display

Indoor & Outdoor Display

Available in 4.8mm and 7.8mm, the Voyager is rated for indoor + outdoor displays and designed with quick installation + maintenance in mind.


Highly Adaptable Design

Our concert touring LED tiles are weatherproof, water-resistant, wind-proof, IP65 rated, and rated for indoor and outdoor use. These tiles were created to perform under any condition.

It's lightweight, climbable design makes install quick and easy, and it's 90 degree curve ability allows for a full range of creativity.

Unparalleled Service

Best-in-class technology deserves expert-level support. Our technicians handle everything from initial build, on-site operation, all the way down to pixel repair. 

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