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Industries We Serve


Film & Television

With the latest advancements in camera-ready LED technology and visual effects, filmmakers can now create new worlds like never before. We specialize in manufacturing LED tiles specifically designed for cinema cameras to help deliver photo-realistic environments for major film and television productions. 

Concert Touring

High brightness, super-fast refresh rates, and vivid color make our Voyager tiles the preferred choice for concert touring at both indoor and outdoor events and festivals.


Sports & Esports

Our wide selection of tiles are designed for their superior picture quality and durability - giving you the flexibility to install permanent large-scale LED screens in indoor and outdoor stadiums and arenas and more.


Transform event venues, conferences, tradeshows, and creatives spaces with vibrant, high-definition LED displays. We offer flexible solutions and provide on-the-ground support for event rental - from installation and on-site operation to speedy removal and transportation.


Permanent Installation

We design, manufacture, and install the most sophisticated LED equipment on the market. Waterproof and wind resistant - our LED tiles are the preferred choice for indoor and outdoor permanent installation.

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